Dear Parents:

JCCE is a Title I school. As such, federal law requires the school to provide opportunities for parents to be meaningfully involved with their child's education.

Policy KB-Parent Involvement in Education is the Abbeville county School District policy governing parent involvement. This policy outlines the responsibilities of each school and the expectations for the parents.

Policy KB states that each school will do the following.

  • Develop a Parental Involvement Plan with input from all stakeholders including administrators, teachers, parents, students and community.
  • Provide verification or documentation of the implementation of the Parent Involvement Plan.
  • Annually assess the effectiveness of the school's Parent Involvement Plan and revise the plan as appropriate.
  • Annually review and revise the Parent/Student/ School Compact.

Policy KB also states that parents will be expected to do the following.

  • Communicate regularly with the school to become aware of opportunities for parents involvement and to provide input into the school's programs.
  • Participate in learning opportunities regarding parenting skills and child/adolescent development to educate themselves on the intellectual and developmental needs of their child(ren).
  • Monitor their child(ren)'s academic progress and attendance at school.
  • Participate in parent involvement opportunities sponsored by the school or school district, including:
    • parent/teacher conferences
    • report card pick-up days
    • parent/teacher organizations
    • school improvement councils
    • parent education classes
    • volunteer programs
    • other programs designed to educate parents and encourage parent participation.
  • Provide input for the evaluation and revision of the Parent Involvement in Education Policy, the Parent/Student/School Compacts, and the school's Parent Involvement Plan.
  • Cultivate a positive, cooperative relationship with the school and the school district.

One method of obtaining feedback from parents regarding the parent involvement policy and parent involvement activities is for parents to complete an online survey for your child's school. This survey can be assessed at the following link:


To complete the survey, click on your child's school in the list of schools on that webpage/

Another means of providing input is through the Title I Suggestion Box which is also online at the following link:


Finally, you may also provide feedback through the suggestion box at each school, the online suggestion box is below in the comment section.

Your input into the parent involvement plans at your child's school is very important.